What to do before Ber Months 2022?

Time is gold. It’s finite, and so the errands too. Academics and life preparations. Sometimes it wasn’t procrastination that ate up my time. It was figuring out how could I get myself back on track and in very healthy state, because doing so much yet bear no fruit is wasteful. Something efficient has to be implemented. I did one thing: organizing my tasks in schedule. Great, but here’s a problem: sudden errands that get in your way. One simple errand could screw up your schedule, let alone a getaway out of the blue. This problem took me week or two to recover my usual schedule. When it comes to getaways, planning ahead is a must. That is not always the case unfortunately. Overthinking also contributes to the problem, so empty your mind if you’re about to burnout.

My longest streak in self-paced learning was 3 months. This is outside of online education, which is also self-paced but this one is voluntary. Being a self-taught learner requires strong self-discipline due to tendency of slacking in-between. I’m guilty of this. So I took another approach when studying: Pomodoro technique. Instead of making a schedule with fixed time, I tried hard to fit my routine into my daily tasks whether it is morning or night. Using Pomodoro technique, I was able to do my tasks in the interval of 25 minutes per round, 5 minutes break and 15 minute break per 3 rounds. It worked.

The next thing

Before I wrote this blog, I conceived a roadmap on my mind for my next things. These are the following so far:

That’s all. I’ll share my learnings to readers and to future me.